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Intermediary platform between providers and manufacturers that wanted to increase the volume of registrations obtained on the platform through Google Ads campaigns without increasing budgets.


After 2 months of intensive campaign optimizations, we managed to considerably increase registrations on the platform at a much more efficient cost.

Registration increase of 329% and cost per registration decrease of 72% during early 2022
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​From 0.5 registrations per day at a cost per registration of €28 in December 2021 to 3 registrations per day at a cost per registration of €7 in February 2022
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We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing registrations and lowering the cost per registration:

  • Testing of new locations to identify places with less competition and greater opportunity to obtain qualified traffic at a highly efficient cost.

  • Use of longtail keywords to position ourselves in niche searches and attract users from the sector with high conversion intent.

  • Weekly audits to pause the least efficient parameters and thus consistently improve profitability.

  • Automated CPA bidding Aim to automate outreach based on real-time signals identified by Google's algorithm.

  • Account-level negative keyword list to block irrelevant searches and improve traffic qualification.