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Having specific goals and an action plan is key to a successful paid advertising strategy. The slightest structural mistake can cost you a lot of money in the long term and it may negatively impact the performance of your ads.

At SEM Consulting BCN we have more than 1o years of experience managing accounts in Google Ads. We would love to help you plan and execute your new paid advertising campaigns.


We will help you create brand awareness, consideration, and selling campaigns to help you reach the different client profiles you want to target, depending on their knowledge of your company and their likelihood to purchase your product or service.


Getting more traffic to your website is the first step to generate a good return on your investment in paid advertising. At SEM Consulting BCN we implement strategies so your ads appear in front of the users that are most likely to make a purchase. We will achieve gradual growth of your website traffic and reduce your costs while we do it.


Paid advertising is an indispensable tool to showcase your products and services to your potential clients. However, strategies that are too focused on converting can be risky; they cost a lot of money and are subject to failure if not the right reach and segmentation techniques are not applied. At SEM Consulting BCN we want to help your business generate more conversions, while maintaining a low cost per acquisition within your budget.


Improving the return on investment of your paid advertising campaigns is more complex than increasing traffic or conversions. Achieving consistent ROI growth means effectively segmenting reach to reduce costs without losing qualified clicks along the way. At SEM Consulting Bcn we execute advanced strategies to block irrelevant traffic and guarantee a precise scope that allows your accounts to be more efficient in spending.

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