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Indian company specialized in the sale of natural skin care cosmetics that contacted us during 2021 as their Shopping campaign had been in negative ROAS for a few weeks and they needed help to try to make their investment in Google Ads profitable again .


By creating new Search, Display and Shopping campaigns from scratch, we were able to increase sales by 163% and ROAS by 95% in a matter of two months.

Increase in sales of 163% and ROAS of 95% since we started managing the account at the end of September 2021, which translated into a turnover increase of 359%
From 2.1 sales per day with a ROAS of 1.11 in August 2021 to 8.4 sales per day with a ROAS of 4.25 in November 2021
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We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing sales and lowering the CPA:

  • Creation of new manual Shopping campaigns (replacing the smart campaign they had) with a list of more than 5000 negative keywords to guarantee the highest traffic quality and control the type of searches in which we are shown.

  • New Display remarketing campaigns with personalised creatives and copies for each sales funnel status.

  • Automated bidding strategies based on conversion value to focus investment on the highest ticket products that generate the highest return on investment.

  • Promotion and price extensions to achieve high sales volume during Black Friday.

  • New Search campaigns with long-tail keywords with a high purchase intent.

  • Upsell and crossell strategies with custom audiences taken directly from the CRM.



Bhushan Deodhar, Marketing Director of Shankara

"Rafa and team are great to work with. He is very hands on and does a great job in looking for opportunities to grow the sales while achieving ROAS targets... Very happy with his work thus far."

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