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Management program for members of associations and clubs in Barcelona that sought to improve the efficiency of their Google Ads campaigns during 2021. They had managed their paid media accounts internally until now, so they contacted us to start implementing more advanced strategies and increase the volume of registrations on the platform at a lower cost.


After the first months managing your Google Ads account, we managed to increase the number of registrations by 18% and lower the cost per registration by 43%.

Increase in registrations of 17% and a decrease in CPA of 43% during 2021
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We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing the volume of registrations and reducing the CPA:

  • Account restructuring to improve thematic and semantic relevance of ad groups.

  • Sales funnel with top funnel video campaigns to attract cold audiences and convert them later through search campaigns.

  • Monthly market analysis to add new keywords based on demand, relevance and competition.

  • Strategic sitelink extensions in order to have a higher impression share on targeted searches with higher conversion intent.

  • Automated bidding strategies with the most relevant conversion events for the business goals.

  • Introduction of data analysis platforms (datastudio, adzooma, semrush, etc) to analyze performance trends and take optimization actions with greater precision.


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Ruben Celada, CEO and Founder of Playoff 

"Great professionals both Rafa and his team, the months that we have been working with them we have noticed a significant improvement in our campaigns, always with an exquisite treatment and excellent quality of service. 100% recommended!"