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Catalan industrial company specialized in the repair of air compressors that had active Google Ads campaigns to generate leads but were not correctly monitoring the calls received, which generated a problem by not understanding the real impact of the investment made. They contacted us in mid-2021 to fix attribution and increase lead volume.


We managed to solve the conversion attribution problem within the first week of collaboration, and after several months managing their Google Ads account we managed to increase the volume of leads through calls by 142% with the same investment.

113% increase in leads through phone calls during 2022
From 1.2 leads through calls per day during March 2021 to 3.4 leads through calls per day during September 2022 with the same investment


We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing leads through calls without the need to increase investment:

  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager and Analytics codes in all the company's web domains to create call conversion tracking events based on the duration of the calls.

  • Creation of call ads so that the user can call directly from the results page itself without having to access the web page.

  • Ad groups of competitors to increase market share and attract potential customers from the competition.

  • Remarketing strategies through Display campaigns to impact users who have shown an interest but had not contacted us.

  • Weekly audits to gradually focus the investment on the parameters that generate the most calls.



Santi Casanellas, Director de Marketing de Holding

"Muy buen servicio e implicación del equipo de SEM Consulting, con reportes semanales vía correo electrónico y vídeo calls de soporte en casos concretos. Un equipo joven con amplios conocimientos en SEM."

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