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Platform to compare real estate agents in the United Kingdom whose main way of acquiring leads is through Google Ads Search campaigns. They contacted us to increase the volume of potential clients at a lower cost during 2021, which was quite a challenge since the real estate sector is one of the most competitive in Google.


After several months managing their  Google Ads account, we managed to increase potential customers by 97% and lower the cost per lead by 48%

97% lead increase and 48% decrease in CPL during 2021
helsmen case study 1.png
From 2 leads per day with a CPL of 18.66 in April 2021 to 3.5 leads per day with a CPL of 9.43 in June 2021
helsmen case study 2.png


We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing leads and lowering CPA:

  • Dynamic ad groups with automated traffic bidding to understand the industry searches with the lowest costs and the highest conversion rate.

  • Keyword analysis with Semrush to identify longtail keyword opportunities with little competition.

  • Implementation of external platforms to block bots and reduce the cost of fraudulent clicks.

  • Affinity and market audience strategy in segmentation mode to be more efficient in the reach.

  • Monthly campaign budget adjustments to focus investment on the most efficient.

  • Ad groups with high thematic and semantic relevance to achieve the highest possible quality score.

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