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Multinational company specialized in print-on-demand products operating in more than 33 countries. They contacted us to help optimize their Google Ads campaigns with the goal of increasing average ROAS as they had not been profitable to date.


During the first months of managing your account, we managed to have a positive ROAS greater than 1 for the first time in the history of their campaigns, and in the following months we continued to grow both in billing volume and in profitability.

Revenue increase of 430% at a 364% higher ROAS during 2022
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From 3 sales per day at a CPA of €69 in December 2021 to 9 sales per day at a CPA of €31 in April 2022
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We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing sales and ROAS:

  • We went from manual bidding strategy to automated bidding based on ROAS and Target CPA to take advantage of real-time signals from the google algorithm.

  • We create a sales funnel using different networks (video, display, and search) to be able to capture different profiles of potential customers and cover all commercial phases.

  • We've updated ad messaging to include more aggressive calls-to-action and mention product prices so we can filter out less-qualified traffic.

  • Campaigns of competitors bidding for both direct and indirect competition to cover a greater market share.

  • Use of longtail keywords to position ourselves in searches that are very relevant to the offers and thus increase the conversion rate.


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" The SEM Consulting BCN team have been very helpful and have impressed us with the structure of their work "

Christian Saeterhaug, SVP at Gelato