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Restoration workshop in the upper part of Barcelona that was beginning to digitize its business in 2020. They contacted us to help them get new customers through paid campaigns since to date they hadn't achieved any leads through their website.


Since we created their Google Ads campaigns to date, their business has gone from not getting any customers through their website, to closing more than 5 high ticket customers per month thanks to our paid advertising campaigns. The growth has been maintained during 2021 to the point that they had to hire new employees to be able to service all the customers that come to them through Google Ads campaigns.

Increase in leads of 366% and a decrease in CPL of 78% during 2021
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We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing lead generation and reducing CPL

  • New specific campaigns at both thematic and semantic level to the different services offered to be as relevant as possible to each type of search.

  • Paid ads on Google Maps to have a high impression share in nearby local searches and to be able to get direct visits to the workshop.

  • Call and sitelink extensions to the contact page to increase the conversion rate.

  • Weekly analysis of the search term report to update positive and negative keywords frequently based on demand.

  • Ad groups of local competitors to acquire highly qualified traffic with high conversion intent.

  • Automated bidding strategies to take advantage of real-time signals from Google's algorithm. 



Marga Ferrer-Dalmau, Founder of El Taller de Marga

"Very satisfied with the results and with the treatment offered by sem consulting bcn. They created my paid advertising accounts from scratch, and the truth is that a lot of new clients reached me (and continue to come) through their digital strategies. Always I had a bit of qualms about investing in digital advertising, but the results speak for themselves ...


I have had more than four thousand euros of return on investment with them and new clients come to me every week through their campaigns. And most importantly, always friendly in the treatment and pending of me. They made me feel like it was their top priority, and that is greatly appreciated. I would recommend them to any local business without a second hesitation! "

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