One of the most important hosting and web domain companies in Argentina was seeking to increase its turnover during 2021 through Google Ads search campaigns. With them we have optimized their more than 15 campaigns for their different products with the aim of increasing the acquisition of new customers.


Thanks to a process of daily optimizations and the creation of new campaigns, we have managed to increase sales by 79% and lower the CPA by 32% throughout 2021

Increase in units sold of 79% and a decrease in CPA of 32% during 2021
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From 42.5 conversions per day with a CPA of 1101 in January 2021 to 120.4 conversions per day with a CPA of 583.52 in June 2021
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We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing sales and lowering the CPA:

  • Fix attribution issues and incorporate automated conversion bid strategies (Target CPA and Maximize Conversions)

  • Weekly optimizations to pause inefficient parameters according to the main KPIs for the business.

  • Negative keyword strategy at ad group level to achieve maximum thematic and semantic relevance in user searches.

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly comparative reports to have a control of the investment and to be able to take decisive actions at the account level

  • New keywords based on a market study using platforms such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Answerthepublic, and Google trends.


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Ignacio Soler, CTO of Don Web

"Rafael is very knowledgeable about the entire online marketing ecosystem, specially GoogleAds, where he excels in implementing well structured campaigns that consistently reach their objectives. He is very flexible to set up a business relationship that will work for both sides and I have found him to be very responsive even during weekends. Highly Recommended!"