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Publishing house in Barcelona that gives new authors the opportunity to publish their first works. They contacted us with the main objective of reducing the average cost per lead of their search and display campaigns in Google Ads to be more profitable and efficient in investment.


In just one month managing their Google Ads account, we reduced their average CPL almost by half, doubling the number of leads with the same investment as the previous month.

Increase in leads of 53% and a decrease in CPL of 40% since we started managing the account in September 2021
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From 2.8 leads per day with a CPL of 26.25 in August 2021 to 4.3 leads per day with a CPL of 15.45 in September 2021
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We share some of the actions that have had the greatest impact on this Google Ads account when it comes to increasing lead generation and reducing CPL

  • Negative keyword lists covering all irrelevant semantic and thematic values to the offer in order to improve traffic qualification.

  • Advanced attribution systems to optimize based on the different points of the user's sales funnel.

  • Remarketing strategies and similar audiences in the display network to obtain leads at a very efficient cost.

  • Campaign budget adjustments to focus investment on the most efficient ones.

  • Broad match keyword combination with Target CPA bid strategy to take advantage of real-time signals from Google's algorithm.

  • New ads modifying the value propositions of the offer to be more competitive.


Alfonso Segovia, Cofounder of Autografía

"Very happy with the work done by the SEM Consulting agency.
From minute one we have understood each other perfectly, which is why it is very easy to work together.
Every week we receive a detailed report with each of the changes that have been made in the account and in the campaigns themselves, it shows that they keep the activity up to date and that is reflected in the results.
In a month we have reduced the budget and the cost per conversion.

Very thankful!"